Volunteer Online

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Simple online tools are now allowing volunteers to make a big impact on critical campaigns across the country. If you have a computer and a phone, you can work on campaigns to ban fracking, move to 100% clean energy and elect climate champions.

There are two Off Fossil Fuels online teams: the calling team and the texting team. Find out more and sign up for one or both of these teams below!

This team will call people all over the country to help generate turnout to rallies, legislative meetings and lots of other events. You’ll also call people in key states or Congressional districts and connect them to their representatives’ offices. Having one-on-one conversations is crucial to moving people to take action, and this team uses a great calling program to make lots of calls very quickly.

This team is responsible for outreach to new volunteers and helps people get started organizing. We’ll let them know about important opportunities to take action, like attending a local event or calling their elected officials. We use a person-to-person texting website that masks your phone number and makes it easy for you to text a lot of people one after the other and have personalized conversations with supporters.

Click below to see more info and join the calling or texting teams!