OFF Act – Candidate Pledge

OFF Act – Candidate Pledge 2018-04-09T19:07:44+00:00

The U.S. House and Senate candidates listed below have signed the Off Fossil Fuels pledge: “I support the Off Fossil Fuels for a Better Future Act (HR 3671) and pledge, if elected, that I will co-sponsor the reintroduced version of this legislation in the 116th Congress.”

Updated to reflect primary results: 4/9/18

Rick Neighbors
Rick NeighborsAL-4
Alison Hartson
Alison HartsonCA-Senate
Ryan Khojasteh
Ryan KhojastehCA-12
Angelica Duenas
Angelica DuenasCA-29
Laura Oatman
Laura OatmanCA-48
Stephany Rose Spaulding
Stephany Rose SpauldingCO-5
Chardo J. Richardson
Chardo J. RichardsonFL-7
Lisa Ring
Lisa RingGA-1
Dan Canon
Dan CanonIN-9
Mark Bignell
Mark BignellMI-4
DeMarco Davidson
DeMarco Davidson MO-1
Mindi Messmer
Mindi MessmerNH-1
Martin Hewitt
Martin HewittNJ-11
Amy Vilela
Amy VilelaNV-4
Jeff Beals
Jeff BealsNY-19
Samuel Ronan
Samuel RonanOH-1
Drew McGinty
Drew McGintyPA-7
Mal Hyman
Mal HymanSC-7
Linsey Fagan
Linsey FaganTX-26
Peter Harrison
Peter HarrisonWA-3
Deedra Abboud
Deedra AbboudAZ-Senate
David Hildebrand
David HildebrandCA-Senate
Wendy Reed
Wendy ReedCA-23
Jon Pelzer
Jon PelzerCA-30
Omar Siddiqui
Omar SiddiquiCA-48
Erik Stanger
Erik StangerCO-6
Tim Canova
Tim Canova FL-23
Chuck Enderlin
Chuck EnderlinGA-3
Liz Watson
Liz WatsonIN-9
David Benac
David Benac MI-6
Kathy Ellis
Kathy EllisMO-8
Tanzie Youngblood
Tanzie YoungbloodNJ-2
Mark Washburne
Mark WashburneNJ-11
Vivian Viloria Fisher
Vivian Viloria Fisher NY-1
Brian Flynn
Brian FlynnNY-19
Mike Galbraith
Mike GalbraithOH-5
Molly Sheehan
Molly SheehanPA-7
Adrienne Bell
Adrienne BellTX-14
Helen Alli
Helen AlliVA-7
Robert Hunziker
Robert HunzikerWA-8
Billy Kovacs
Billy KovacsAZ-2
Roza Calderon
Roza CalderonCA-4
Bryan Caforio
Bryan CaforioCA-25
Julio Castaneda
Julio CastanedaCA-39
Doug Applegate
Doug ApplegateCA-49
Levi Tilleman
Levi TillemanCO-6
Alina Irene Valdes
Alina Irene ValdesFL-25
Rusty Oliver
Rusty OliverGA-3
Geoff Young
Geoff YoungKY-6
Paul Clements
Paul ClementsMI-6
Rev. Dr. Wendy May
Rev. Dr. Wendy MayNC-2
Lindsay Brown
Lindsay BrownNJ-7
Pat Davis
Pat DavisNM-1
Liuba Grechen Shirley
Liuba Grechen ShirleyNY-2
Ronald Kim
Ronald KimNY-21
Michael Milisits
Michael MilisitsOH-10
Shavonnia Corbin-Johnson
Shavonnia Corbin-JohnsonPA-10
Mary Wilson
Mary WilsonTX-21
Diane Fraser
Diane FraserVA-7
Sarah Smith
Sarah SmithWA-9
Mary Matiella
Mary MatiellaAZ-2
Terra Snover
Terra Snover CA-10
Katie Hill
Katie HillCA-25
Gil Cisneros
Gil CisnerosCA-39
Kristopher Larsen
Kristopher LarsenC0-2
Tom Wells
Tom WellsFL-3
Debbie Mucarsel-Powell
Debbie Mucarsel-PowellFL-26
Kaniela Ing
Kaniela IngHI-1
Allison Galbraith
Allison GalbraithMD-1
Eponine Garrod
Eponine GarrodMI-6
Jennifer Marshall
Jennifer MarshallNC-5
Peter Jacob
Peter JacobNJ-7
Antoinette Sedillo Lopez
Antoinette Sedillo LopezNM-1
Michael DeVito
Michael DeVitoNY-11
Patrick Nelson
Patrick NelsonNY-21
Jim Crary
Jim CraryOR-2
Jess King
Jess KingPA-11
Jan McDowell
Jan McDowellTX-24
Dave Strider
Dave StriderWA-Senate
Tamborine Borrelli
Tamborine BorrelliWA-10
Bruce Wheeler
Bruce WheelerAZ-2
Stephen Jaffe
Stephen JaffeCA-12
Bryan Witt
Bryan Witt CA-27
Kia Hamadanchy
Kia Hamadanchy CA-45
Mark Williams
Mark WilliamsCO-2
Monica DePaul
Monica DePaulFL-4
Michael Hepburn
Michael HepburnFL-27
Dion Douglas
Dion DouglasIN-5
Jonathan Fulford
Jonathan FulfordME-2
Kirsten Kennedy
Kirsten KennedyMN-8
Kara Eastman
Kara EastmanNE-2
Goutam Jois
Goutam JoisNJ-7
Rick Shepherd
Rick ShepherdNV-2
Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez
Alexandria Ocasio-CortezNY-14
Bill Bass
Bill BassNY-24
Chris Rieger
Chris RiegerPA-3
Greg Edwards
Greg EdwardsPA-15
Chris Perri
Chris PerriTX-25
Dorothy Gasque
Dorothy GasqueWA-3
Randy Bryce
Randy BryceWI-1

Candidates listed here have signed the OFF Act Candidate Pledge. Signing this pledge does not constitute an endorsement by Food & Water Action Fund. Off Fossil Fuels is a project of Food & Water Action Fund, and is not paid for by any candidate or campaign.