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After leading successful campaigns to stop fossil fuel development like the Pilgrim Pipelines, we know we can take on the dirty energy industry — and win! It’s time to think even bigger. While we lack national leadership on climate, New Jersey has an opportunity right now to lead the United States to a 100% clean energy future. 

We also need to change what is considered clean energy. Currently, dirty energy sources like trash incinerators and biogas are counted toward our state’s renewable portfolio standard (RPS). And too many in our state are promoting cap and trade, carbon pricing, and other market-based schemes that simply don’t work.   

We’re saying NO to all of these false solutions, and calling for truly renewable and 100% clean energy by 2035. Nothing less.

Have questions or want to get involved in the campaign? Contact Matt Smith, New Jersey Organizer: [email protected] 

Addressing climate change requires bold action. That’s why we’re working with a broad-based coalition to draft and pass legislation that will:

  • Require every source of energy pollution in New Jersey to directly reduce their greenhouse gas emissions and harmful co-pollutants like sulfur oxides, particulates and mercury;

  • Prioritize these reductions in environmental justice communities;

  • Facilitate a just transition for impacted workers and ensure energy affordability in low-income communities;

  • And create incentive programs to build solar and wind energy in New Jersey, creating a clean energy economy in the state.

It will take a powerful grassroots movement to move New Jersey off fossil fuels.
We can’t settle for half-measures: tell your legislators to support 100% clean energy.