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After leading the campaign for a ban on fracking in Maryland, we’ve seen that we can take on the dirty energy industry — and win! It’s time to do it again. Maryland has a chance to be a 100% renewable energy leader with the Off Fossil Fuels Act.

To get to 100% renewable energy in Maryland, we also need to change what is considered clean energy. Currently, dirty energy produced by burning trash, manure and black liquor is counted toward our state’s renewable portfolio standard (RPS).

We’re saying NO to all of these false “clean” energy sources and calling for truly renewable and 100% clean energy by 2035. Nothing less.

Have questions or want to get involved in the campaign? Contact Meg Robbins, Maryland Organizer: [email protected]

The Maryland Off Fossil Fuels Act sets an aggressive timeline that matches the reality of climate change science. When passed, the bill will:

  • Require annual increases in clean energy-generated retail electricity sales each year until reaching 100% in 2035;

  • Define renewable energy as generated from solar, onshore and offshore wind, small-scale geothermal, ocean tidal, and storage from these sources;

  • Create new incentive programs to build solar and wind energy in Maryland, creating a new clean energy economy in the state; and

  • Provide a cap of 6% of household income spent on energy bills for low-income households.

For more information on the legislation, check out the fact sheet from the 100% Renewable Maryland coalition: “100% Clean Renewable Energy & Equity Act.

It will take a powerful grassroots movement to move Maryland off fossil fuels.
We can’t settle for half-measures: tell your legislators to support 100% clean energy.