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Big Oil wants to start fracking in Illinois, but we’ve worked with local allies for years to stop them. We were lucky to win our first battle against Woolsey Operating Co., who received the first permit to frack in our state. But to protect the future, and demand a transition to 100% renewable energy, it’s critical that we pass a permanent ban through the legislature.

Along with our partners in the Illinois Coalition Against Fracking, we’re pushing hard for a statewide fracking ban during the 2018 legislative session. To make this happen, elected officials across the state will need to hear from their voters that our water, economy and climate are more important than oil industry profits.

Have questions or want to get involved in the campaign? Contact Jessica Fujan, Midwest Region Director, [email protected]

Check out the resources below for more on the campaign to ban fracking in Illinois.

It will take a powerful grassroots movement to move Illinois off fossil fuels.
We can’t settle for half-measures: tell Illinois legislators to ban fracking now.