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With Trump in the White House and Congress controlled by friends of the fossil fuel industry and climate deniers, we need to fight even harder at the local level if we want to push for an immediate transition to clean energy. That’s why Food & Water Action has launched the Off Fossil Fuels campaign.

If you’re new to the Off Fossil Fuels campaign, start here!

Start a local group

Local groups are the backbone of a strong movement! Check the map of Food & Water Action offices and partners; if there isn’t one near you, consider starting your own group. First things first: read our guide on holding a new volunteer meeting. If you’re holding a meeting or another event, click here to create an online sign-up page and we can help recruit for your event.

Another important part of starting a group is to collect petitions. Petitions not only help you win your campaign by showing elected officials how many people are with you, but they can also be used to build your new group. Everyone who signs a petition should be invited to your next meeting!

Elected official pledge

We’re asking elected officials at every level of government to pledge to support policies that get us off fossil fuels and transition us to 100% renewable energy. Read more and find answers to common questions in our FAQ document.

Ask your local representatives to sign the pledge! Here’s a Guide to Meeting With Your Elected Officials that will help you and your team get prepared. Here’s the Online Pledge, and a printable Paper Pledge. You can check to see if your representative has signed the pledge in the list of Elected Official Pledge Signers.

We also have an Online Candidate Pledge which you can send to anyone running for office in your area. You can see who has signed in the list of Candidate Pledge Responses.

Local resolutions calling for 100% renewable energy

If your elected officials have signed the Off Fossil Fuels pledge, now you can work to pass a resolution to support 100% clean energy.

We’ve written a Sample Resolution that you can adapt for your city or town. If you have questions about this, email [email protected].

For more background on energy and climate policy, check out our fact sheets on frackingpipelines and getting to 100% renewable energy.

Social Media

Social media can be an incredibly powerful tool for educating and engaging new people. While Facebook and Twitter are no substitutes for face-to-face organizing (more on that here), these tools are a great complement to all the work you’re doing out in the community.

Check out our Social Media Toolkit for tips and sample content. Remember to always use #OffFossilFuels when you’re posting!

And if you’re making graphics or other materials yourself, check out our Style Guide for logos, fonts and logos!